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June 07, 2022 00:06:00
Delicious Engine
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Delicious Engine

Jun 07 2022 | 00:06:00


Show Notes


Big acquisition news happened last week when Delicious Brains, owned by Brad Touesnard, sold five of its plugins to WPEngine. You may use one or all of these plugins starting with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), WP Migrate, WP Offload Media, WP Offload SES, and Better Search Replace. Some of the product teams will be moving to WPEngine and the other support teams and developers will continue as usual as issues are escalated to them. Listen to Brad’s interview with Matt Medeiros right here on the WPMinute.

Other ecommerce News

DTC Patterns, an ongoing Barrel research project has compiled over 100 articles where their teams buy real products from brands many of us are familiar with. They highlight interesting and effective ecommerce user experiences and marketing interactions. These observations are called “patterns” where over 100+ articles were written showcasing various ways brands engage with customers before, during, and after the purchase process. 


WordCamp EU is over and it looks like many in the WordPress community had a great time getting together in person and talking about all the new things arriving in WordPress 6.0, Gutenberg and the future of WordPress.

It was announced that WordCamp EU will be in Athens, Greece. The WPMinute’s writer, Eric Karkovac wrote about the feelings of WordCamps and David Bisset shares his takeaways from WordCamp EU.

I donated $100 to A Big Orange Heart for 20 selfies taken with Matt Cromwell out in Porto. He matched the $100 along with Michelle Frechette’s WPCoffee Talk and StellarWP. I challenge you to match a $100 donation too! 

If you are using a Pagebuilder with WordPress this is a heads up that the Pagebuilder Summit is right around the corner June 20 - 24 2022. Registration is open for this event.

From Our Contributors and Producers

John Locke shared this Podcast episode from MasterWP about Capitalizing the “P” in WordPress. Nyasha Green and Rob Howard discuss this article about why the capital P in WordPress is such a big deal and why this one letter influences how some people think about it when hiring developers. 

Speaking of hiring developers, Rachel Cherry is looking to fill a 20/hr a week developer position at Cornell University College of Business. Check out the Tweet for more detail.

Community Segments this week by:

WP Security Minute by Chris Wiegman

Learn WP minute by Hauwa Abashiya

New Members

We would like to welcome Austin Ginder as a Producer and Brian Coords to the WPMinute Community.

Thanks to all of the members who shared these links today: 

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December 15, 2022 01:34:45
Episode Cover

State of The Word 2022

State of the Word 2022 has just completed another hybrid presentation. A mix of livestream on the official WordPress YouTube channel and in-person attendees traveled to NYC to watch Matt Mullenweg and others update us on all things WordPress. We'll cover some of the highlights in today's post. Tune in to listen to the complete recording of the event on our podcast or in the player above. Thanks for being a WP Minute reader/listener/viewer! Consider supporting us through a virtual coffee or joining our membership. Video highlights Key takeaways Gutenberg will be bigger than WordPress itself. To mobile apps and the web. bbPress forms now have Gutenberg Using Blocks Everywhere plugin. Will be embedded in BuddyPress. PEW Research using Gutenberg Day One App using Gutenberg in web app Mobile Gutenberg is dual-licensed GPL & MPL Tumblr using Gutenberg 500 meetups doubled their events in 2022 1 WordCamp in 2021 to 22 in 2022 Community Summit is coming back WordPress is turning 20 next year Doing a new 10 year update to the "Milestones Book" 12,000 People took a Learn.WordPress course New blog and showcase pages on bringing Jazz design languages over 22 million images. 1.1 million audio files. OpenVerse scours the web for Creative Commons images & other media. Now launched audio."Not fully embedded into WordPress yet" Create themes just using blocks & style variations We're at the end of Phase 2 of Gutenberg initial development Create block theme "plugin" allows you to make themes from blocks Zen mode is a new writing experience Showing off "locked-in patterns." A way for consultants to pass sites off to clients. 1399 Release contributors New core contributors to WordPress. "Think of them like the Wikipedia super-editors" WordPress is what it is because of community "Think of as an App Store for WordPress" Matt likes ...



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One theme to rule them all

It’s the WPMinute! I am Birgit Pauli-Haack with the following news and updates. This episode is brought to you by the WPMinute. This is a great place to be a part of the community, get access to the private Discord server and be part of the news. You know how it goes, everything I mention here will be linked up in the newsletter and the blog post. Check out for the links. News Does WordPress need more than one Block Theme? Justin Tadlock over at the WPTavern wrote a recent article covering different opinions of having thousands of Block Themes when Full Site Editing is really becoming a thing. There are strong opinions for having one theme or having many. Do you provide one block theme that builders can expand on OR do you offer many themes to provide a site for new users to fill in their custom information? Go read the article to understand each approach. If you would like to test out a block theme with FSE check out the article by Misha Rudrastyh on Learning Full Site Editing with the Kubrick Block Theme. It is a great basic tutorial that clearly explains. WooCommerce WooCommerce started rolling out automatic updates with patches for WooCommerce 3.5–6.3. This fix contains important security improvements for the PayPal Standard payment gateway (deprecated since July 2021). Please make sure to update your site if you don’t get the update automatically. Events Buddy Works is having a Webinar on How to Automate Gutenberg block development in WP projects on March 23rd, 2022 at 5:00 PM UTC. If you are interested in how to start WordPress block development head on over to their website to ...



November 29, 2021 00:06:54
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WordPress, the multi-billion dollar software industry that has us begging for money

It seems a year can’t go by without the pesky lifetime WordPress license topic popping up to spice up the holiday conversation. A struggle dating back 7 years ago to the month when Jeff Chandler covered, now defunct, where then owner Ben Fox shared his pricing experiments. When Brad Touesnard purchased Advanced Custom Fields back in June, he was swiftly reminded how hard lifetime license pricing really is. I mean, he did his due diligence, he knew what he was getting into. But the lifetime license woes lingered well before the new owners arrived. Elliot Condon wrestled with it, “get it all for one price forever” that is, until he finally revised pricing for 2020 to build the business a better runway. Lifetime license holders will get **all** ACF Pro software updates forever. They won’t be required to pay for version 6.0 or any other major or minor releases in the future. They signed up for updates for life, so we’ll continue to deliver on that promise forever. 8/10— Brad Touesnard (@bradt) June 3, 2021 On Delicious Brains acquiring Advanced Custom Fields Amidst a fumbled start, Brad, did bless all lifetime license holders with access — forever. It’s on Twitter, so it’s permanent in my book. This isn’t the first pricing rodeo for Brad and company. When asked about lessons learned with pricing in a 2018 interview with Joe Howard on the WPMRR podcast, Brad had this to say: “I think the biggest thing that people don’t do is experiment with their pricing.When I launched Migrate DB Pro, I think the ...