Open for blockness

March 23, 2022 00:04:14
Open for blockness
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Open for blockness

Mar 23 2022 | 00:04:14


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It was announced that the Pattern Directory will be open for submissions from the public on The Pattern Creator page will allow designers and content creators to build, edit, and submit their best block patterns. You can learn more about the pattern directory because the code is public and available on GitHub. Birgit Pauli-Haack tested the submission process and reported that it was a great experience for her in the Gutenberg Times.


If you are a Page Builder user you will be happy to know that the Page Builder Summit is back June 20-24. If you want to be the first to know when tickets are available you can register on the website.

WordCamp US has made the call for speakers up until April 17, 2022. You can submit your application for up to three topics over on their website.

From Our Contributors and Producers

The 2022 acquisitions keep happening as predicted. Yith, specializing in developing and selling themes for WordPress and WooCommerce, joined Newfold Digital. 

Matt Mullenweg treats us to two more appearances on podcasts.

First, with the Verge. He is interviewed on why he bets on small companies and reveals how WordPress and Tumblr are keeping the internet weird. Second, with Guy Raz on How I Built This, sharing a genesis story of his career & WordPress.

The US Court affirms it's false advertising to claim software is Open Source when it’s not. The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently affirmed a lower court decision concluding what we’ve always known: that it’s false advertising to claim that software is “open source” when it’s not licensed under an open-source license. Neo4j, Inc. had been through several releases of its software and several license choices along the way, ending with what the court called “the Sweden Software License,” because the licensor was a Swedish subsidiary of the plaintiff. You can check out the details on the open-source initiative.

Listen to Spencer Forman's latest take on why multilanguage is critical for your WordPress business on our episode here on the WP Minute.

Next up Joe Casabona and the Creator Clock Minute

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Wix’s latest noise amplifying headphones

Welcome to the first official episode of The WP Minute and I’m officially slapping the “beta” tag on to this thing. I’m still working out how I produce the show and fill in these posts, for now, here are the links mentioned in today’s episode. Kadence WP Mullenweg Abrahami Casabona Tavern Times ...



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We have a quick run down this week…let’s Do the Woo! (Hi, Bob) WooCommerce has invested in one-click checkout platform, PeachPay. According to PeachPay’s PR post: Cart abandonment is a significant problem for eCommerce businesses – in 2021, the global average rate has risen from previous years to 78.65%. PeachPay aims to significantly reduce this by providing shoppers with a frictionless, one-click checkout experience. Robert Jacobi covered the investment: So if we do a little math, the investment for PeachPay is no more than $450,000 (assuming that the 30% filled of $1.5 million includes the recent investment). View his link in the show notes to read through his interview with David Mainayar, co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of PeachPay. Other Woo news: Automattic purchased for an undisclosed sum of money. Yoast has re-shaped their Diversity Fund project in the wake of COVID and the challenges of travel, stating: We want to keep our Diversity fund alive and we want to keep helping people in the WordPress community. That’s why our Diversity fund will now be used to sponsor people that work on a project that benefits WordPress. This can range from teaching a group of people anywhere in the world how to use WordPress to writing patches for Core. Speaking of travel, Will We See In-Person WordCamps in 2021? An Open Discussion on a Path Forward, asks Justin Tadlock of the WordPress Tavern. One commenter states: I don’t see why this is so complicated. If large, indoor gatherings are legal in the host country, then WordCamps should go ahead with no extra restrictions beyond those prescribed by the local law. People can then decide to ...



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Interview with Dave Martin, CEO of

After some spotty patches announcing new pricing, released a new $5/month Starter plan. I had the chance to send some questions to Dave Martin, CEO of Automattic, about the announcement, plus, some other areas of .com that I was interested in knowing more about. The questions are posted below. I'd love to hear your feedback on Twitter. Questions (This audio interview was done asynchronously) 1. Congrats on refactoring and relaunching the new entry-level price point at Will we see more plans come to pricing page in the future?  2. I notice higher up in the features list that the $5/mo plans come with payments for subscriptions/donations etc -- this is usually associated with the creator economy. Is the creator class community high on your priority of customer segments?  3. My running theory is your new plans are in preparation for a proper WooCommerce vs Shopify showdown. Can we expect to see competitively positioned WooCommerce hosting plans this year?  4. I'm curious to learn if there are any partnership channels or programs being developed for premium theme/plugin authors to work more closely with .com customers? Again, something that one might see from Shopify partnership programs.  5. If I take the biggest offering of Jetpack, it costs me 509.36 after tax for year one, then 1,199.40 pre tax every year after. .com is 191.50 after tax every year. Both are Automattic offerings, so I'm curious, is this Automattic's way of saying .org sites are really expensive to manage and maintain come to .com or is there room for both to serve a large set of customers? 6. Can you comment on the services side of .com and potentially how big that line ...