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December 15, 2021 00:09:55
5 Minute podcast for the future
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5 Minute podcast for the future

Show Notes

In the News

State of the Word 2021 happened this week. If you would like to hear the complete audio or read through the transcript from the live event check out the link over on the WPMinute. There is even a mega-thread of our favorite clips over on Twitter.

GoDaddy covered the event as well including their own timestamps for the video stream.

I have three takeaways from the event that I think are important: 

  1. WordPress still wants more volunteers and contributors
  2. Gutenberg is bigger than WordPress 
  3. The acquisition train is fueled by the influx of the larger tech economy 

Speaking of acquisitions:

You may want some insight on how to approach selling your company. Check out Freemius’ Gamechangers —  where videos of some of the largest acquisitions in the WordPress space have occurred. The first interview in the series (from December 8th) is with Syed Balki from Awesome Motive. 

WPMinute Contributor Kim Coleman, co-founder of Paid Memberships Pro received 27 likes on her Twitter question on the Freemius account when they announced it: Is this the total list or are there any women in your series?

I asked Vova for a comment leading into the inclusion of this article in today’s episode: 

We are not happy about it either and take full responsibility for this mistake. We are going to rectify it. We already have Marieke from Yoast to join and are waiting to hear from additional female founders.

The growth of WordPress

Is Elementor the hero we asked for?

Joost de Valk published the sixth iteration of his CMS market share analysis on his blog and found that the W3Techs tracked Elementor. It appears that much of the new growth for WordPress as a CMS is tied to Elementor since they are dependent on each other. 

Elementor sites cannot exist without WordPress, so they are tied to each other. But I think the conclusion is fair that of all those new sites being built with WordPress, a very large portion of them, is being built with Elementor.


WordCamp US 2022 will be held in San Diego this September. No dates have been announced but you can sign up to be an organizer now.

From Our Contributors and Producers

WP Minute ecommerce correspondent Dave Rodenbaugh published his latest ecommerce minute discussing the issues with the supply chain. If you are waiting for products this week and want to understand the crisis better, go check out that episode.  

Can you still make a living building WordPress sites? This Tweet from Jack Forge got some traction on Twitter and many people responded about how WordPress is great for enabling people to make a decent living. There are some fantastic stories in that thread.

Eric Karkovack does a recap of 2021 on SpeckyBoy. He covers the foundational shifts that we have seen in WordPress. These shifts include the changes to WordPress 5.9, acquisitions, and how all of this will lead to something bigger in the new year.

With Full Site Editing coming late in January 2022, you may want to experiment with David Gwyer’s first release of theme.json theme generator. If you're interested, you can sign up over on themegen.app.

There was a lot covered in the State of the Word and Security was discussed (as usual). If you are interested in monitoring all your WordPress sites for security vulnerabilities found in plugins, themes, and WordPress core there is a new security product that you can check out over on Product Hunt.

If you are a community member who publishes course content and may have missed this, you can now publish on WP Dev Academy. If you would like to know when this platform is available from Alex Standiford you can sign up over on WP Dev Academy.

FINALLY not WordPress related but still notable

Apple launched a redesigned open source website. You can explore some of the projects built on open source. It is pretty interesting stuff.

Thanks to all of the members who shared these links today: 

New Members: We would like to welcome new members to the WPMinute Discord group Scott Murcott and Andres Armeda this week to the WPMinute. They have already contributed to the news this week. Thank you very much!

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It was recently reported that you can purchase six popular Automattic plugins right from your WordPress.com dashboard. Donna Cavalier shares what’s coming for plugins, themes and services that will be additionally available for purchase right through the WordPress.com dashboard to expand your options. You can sign up over on WordPress.com for early access if you would like to know what is coming. The Museum of Block Art MOBA is a cool pop up site of virtual [block] art. This site was recently created by community members in the WordPress world. With WordPress 5.8 and WordPress 5.9 coming out with nifty design tools, members decided to show what can be created. It is worth your time to check out the site for beautiful block ideas and see how to create your own new designs. WooCommerce WooCommerce 6.3 was released. The updates include changes to WooCommerce Blocks, WooCommerce Admin, and the Product attributes lookup table. You can check out release posts for 6.8.0 and 6.9.0 to see what’s new. This release should be backwards compatible with the previous version. Security Patchstack released their State Of WordPress Security In 2021 The Highlights: New WordPress security vulnerabilities were up 150% compared to the previous year.29% of WordPress plugins with critical vulnerabilities received no patch.99.42% of vulnerabilities originated from Plugins and Themes (compared to 96.22% in 2020) From Our Contributors and Producers Jonathan Bossenger has released a plugin in the WordPress repository that displays a customized banner and link on your site to show solidarity for Ukraine. You can check out an example of how he has used  #StandWithUkraine. Wordfence has been standing with Ukraine by blocking lots of malicious requests aimed at their sites. They deployed their commercial ...



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Whoever thought that Apache web server would be de-throned in it’s prime? Hello NGINX. We see you Cloudflare. Red Hat and Fedora linux showed up, but then the world went faster together with Ubuntu. Intel dominated the chip space forever. Still does, technically, but AMD and Apple are going after their lunch including the paper bag it’s packed in. Sprinkle in the open source coding languages, tooling, and protocols over the last 30 years and everyone shouts open operability — until they get control — and then it’s “our way is better than your way, see ya later.” Why I want WordPress to win Probably for all of the reasons you do too. I love the software, it affords me a career, a specific lifestyle, and it puts food on the table. I think WordPress is the best piece of software around to help drive a technical workforce. First, because of its flexibility. Second, because it’s open source. But not open source like Swift — which is locked into Apple. WordPress can run and do a lot more than other “closed” open source projects. The open source software could be powerful for local community programs that train, spread awareness, and deploy solutions around WordPress which leave real impacts on society. An approachable solution to publish and consume local government topics which are crucial to a town’s population. Non-profit and news that sorely need a low-cost solution to democratize publishing. Understanding how programming, the internet, and technology works for a young (or old!) demographic. I want WordPress to win because of that, not because it makes a prettier website than Wix. The desire for open source should not be the desire for control If you love open source, you have ...



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Hacked casserole with a side of delayed stuffing

Gobble gobble! WordPress 5.9 will not be released until the beginning of 2022. There were some major blockers identified with the Beta Release and the team thought it best to delay the release instead of pushing through the holidays. Beta 1 was originally scheduled to release last week. Now the overall schedule will be updated to reflect the new date, January 25, 2022 (edit: We said 22nd in the podcast, but have revised it here.) This will give contributors more time to collaborate further on the release. There is a new video posted on Facebook that covers responsive editing and customization for 5.9. Check this out to see all the new features that are coming.  Justin Sainton shared how he got the new brand for pagely.com launched with full site editing in WordPress. This article shares how the project was started in January of 2021 but was quickly finished in 8 weeks for the merger and acquisition with GoDaddy. Justin covers some of the pain points of Full Site Editing in Gutenberg that you should be aware of in case you decide to follow this accelerated timeline yourself. Events As I mentioned last week the State of the Word will be live-streamed from New York City. That means that you can join the fun either online or in person, on December 14, 2021, between 5 and 7 pm EST! You can join with your local Meetup for a watch party and now you can participate in person in New York City by filling out the registration by Sunday, November 28, but be aware that not all requests will receive a seat due to the venue capacity – ...