Are you ready for some WordCamp US?!

September 29, 2021 00:05:29
Are you ready for some WordCamp US?!
The WP Minute - WordPress news
Are you ready for some WordCamp US?!

Show Notes

It’s the WP Minute! 

This episode is brought to you by FooGallery, check out their latest WooCommerce integration to start selling images right through WooCommerce, head on over to Foo.Gallery for more information!

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It was a blast keeping up with the breaking news last week and things are still shaking. 

Alex Denning writes an interesting post about Awesome Motive’s marketing machine powering millions of dollars in revenue. He explores how it all works as separate products in a decentralized network. Go check out his take on Awesome Motive’s value of products under one umbrella.

The Matt Report also has a great interview with Syed Balkhi, to recap his point of view on the acquisition of Sandhills development.

All the acquisitions…

It was announced that WPLandingKit is joining Themeisle. WPLandingKit is a popular plugin that lets you map domain names to individual WordPress pages within your site. Themeisle will look to incorporate this plugin with their Neve and Otter products to provide a solution for managing landing pages for WordPress. Keep your eyes peeled for new offers coming from them.

Keanan Koppenhaver announced on Twitter that he acquired @WP_Pusher and @thisisbranch. In his blog, he talks about why this acquisition is so thrilling to him. WP Pusher is solid, supporting a multitude of workflows. It allows one to deploy to every WordPress host in existence. 

Keenan states:

As a fellow developer, I’m overjoyed at the idea of helping WordPress developers deploy their code more easily, no matter where they’re hosted and without having to resort to FTP.

All this acquisition talk seems to be causing angst (or not) in the WordPress Community.  Mark Zahra covers a lot of what WordPress Entrepreneurs may be feeling in his recent blog post about there being a future for small WordPress businesses. WordPress feels like it is fragmented and it is a good time for larger companies to be buying the smaller ones. Can anyone continue to compete in this situation? 

Then we get Chris Wiegman’s view about what keeps people working in WordPress. It often isn’t for the technical power of the product but the communities that keep us connected. Check out his article on the four communities of WordPress and how that ties small business owners together.

IF you want to get out there in the WordPress scene you may want the world to know about it. WPMainline has a recent blog post about how the small fry can get the exposure they need by using the website WPHunts. This site, an idea of Ben Townsend, is in the early stages and it will be interesting to see the discussion and support from the community as it gains traction.


It looks like October is shaping up to be a busy month.

WordCamp US is online this Friday, October 1st. The WPMinute is a media sponsor and we can’t wait to see you there!

Woosesh the 4-day virtual conference is scheduled for October 12th – October 15th. This conference is full of sessions for WooCommerce store builders. Each event is highly curated to provide you with the absolute best possible experience.

The PageBuilder Summit returns and is back October 18th – 22nd as well. Many people that have been highlighted in the news here at the WPMinute are scheduled to speak. So jump over to get on the waiting list so that you don’t miss this one.

WooCommerce News

WooCommerce celebrates year 1 – 0. The big 10. Go check out this blog post by Paul Maiorana for a trip down memory lane…

WooCommerce released a security patch last week to address a server configuration setup used by some hosts, which under the right conditions may make some analytics reports publicly available. You should update your store right away if you do not have auto-updates turned on for your site do it now!

From the grab bag!

Paul Lacey shares this YouTube video by Jamie Marsland on how to build a WordPress Gutenberg Full Site Editing Starter Theme in just 10 minutes with no coding. There are just 8 steps to create your full site editor starter theme. He based the tutorial on a great article by Alfredo Navas from WebDevStudios. 

Anne McCarthy also shares a great YouTube Video on exploring the Query Loop block in WordPress.

Check out these Videos. It is a great way to spend 10 minutes of your day.

Gravity Forms did a beautiful redesign of their Website. If you use their product you will like the flow and look of the site.

That closes out the week in the WPMinute.

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Always loved the podcast. Thanks for keeping us informed with the best info and interviews in WordPress and no code.

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Thank you, Tony.

Paul Lacey says

The beard is looking strong.

Paul? Thanks for joining the membership.

Last but certainly not least is Liam Dempsey.

Thanks for your hard work to keep folks informed about the comings and goings in the WordPress Community. Keep fighting for the digital blue collar worker.

That I will my friend. Liam? Thanks for joining the membership.

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