Fall into WordPress

September 23, 2022 00:08:45
Fall into WordPress
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Fall into WordPress

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Adobe set to acquire Figma

If you’re a designer or UI specialist in the WordPress world, chances are you already know about the Adobe/Figma deal. A $20 Billion dollar deal in cash and stock – 40 times Figma revenue – shocked us and launched more memes, probably using Photoshop, than we’ve in the tech space since…well about 4 months ago.

4 Years ago, Figma donated an organizational membership to WordPress.org. Will you continue to use Figma? Tweet at us.

In Mullenweg’s recent WCUS address, he snuck in the mention of Automattic’s new cloud service – wp.cloud.

It looks to be infrastructure for cloud providers wanting to serve up some WordPress hosting, leveraging .com’s sprawling CDN & other technology. Products like Jetpack already use .com’s CDN as part of their services, as I’m sure other products like VideoPress do. 

I reached out to Jesse Friedman, who leads the wp.cloud initiative, for an interview. Here’s a sneak peek of that, which airs next week – subscribe so you don’t miss it!

Hosting news continues with WP Engine jumping into the WordPress flavor hosting with a new WooCommerce offering. While Siteground surprises us with their Easy Digital Downloads speciality hosting.

Next up (listen to the podcast for more): Michelle Frechette with the Community Minute & Amber Hinds with the Accessibility Minute!

Links you shouldn’t miss

There’s a handful of other links you shouldn’t miss this week. These links should help you stay informed around the moving and shaking of WordPress:

Matt Mullenweg WCUS Address

This is a direct recording of his livestream session. If you missed it or want to hear the audience Q&A round, click to tune in.

Why WordPress and Wix will Always Be Worlds Apart

The WP Minute’s Eric Karkovack, breaks down a detailed comparison on how much WordPress & Wix differ. 

Help Test WordPress 6.1

The WordPress 6.1 Beta is out! Remember, don’t complain…explain…your issues by testing the latest version before it's released. 

From the grab bag

Some of these links might interest you – dive in!

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