Five for everyone, sometimes

July 13, 2022 00:04:39
Five for everyone, sometimes
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Five for everyone, sometimes

Show Notes

Five for the Future is back on the radar, surfacing more clarification and criticism. Here’s snack pack of links from around the community addressing various opinions on the subject: 

Gettin’ Guten with it

Gutenberg Times will host a livestream July 22nd featuring PEW Research Lead Developer and Director of Digital Strategy on how they use WordPress core + custom blocks.

Want to know where FSE is headed with all things media? Anne McCarthy posted the FSE Program All Things Media Summary.

Product updates

LearnDash has taken to the clouds with its latest hosted version of the popular WordPress LMS plugin.

SpotlightWP has launched a new analytics dashboard for those of you posting to WordPress and the gram.

Pure HTML and CSS WordPress builder LiveCanvas has launched their builder version 3.

Product acquisition

Amber Hinds' Equalize Digital has sold their WP Conference Schedule plugin to Events Calendar:

“Earlier this year, we realized that continuing to support WP Conference Schedule no longer made sense,” said Hinds, “It was a distraction from our mission to improve accessibility in WordPress and took development and marketing time away from Accessibility Checker.”


A call for organizers has been placed by the WordCamp Euorope 2023 team.

The Grab bag!

Next up! 

Michelle Frechette with the Community Minute!

New Members

This week we welcome two new members to the #linksquad crew: Jonathan Wold and Juan Hernando! You can meet them in the Slack group and if you’re not a member yet, go to to join.

Thanks to all of the members who shared these links today: 

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Selling WP Conference Schedule

Guest host, Amber Hinds is sharing with us her POV on Equalize Digital's first "exit." "This post tells the story of how WP Conference Schedule came to be and why we ultimately ended up selling it before even launching the paid version of the plugin."Amber Hinds Links Amber Hinds Equalize Digital Sells WP Conference Schedule Amber Hinds Blog ...



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WordPress community still struggles with diversity & inclusion

News Matt Mullenweg, founder and CEO of Automattic, the company behind, made the news again (this time with the Wall Street Journal). He talks about ‘asynchronous work’ and why he thinks hybrid models will die out.  Automattic employees are already living the work from anywhere model and are able to adjust their work schedules as needed. Anne McCarthy is back with another round of testing this time for the WordPress Photo directory. By adding your photos here, they will automatically appear in Openverse, a search engine for openly licensed media. Volunteers are needed to test and provide feedback on media-related features in WordPress. Anyone is welcome to contribute, and feedback is open until February 23. Eric Karkovac wrote a post on the WordPress photo directory. If you would like an understanding of how licensing images came about and to see an early review of WordPress media go check out his article. From Our Contributors and Producers Many in the WordPress community have been feeling the weight of growth and change and frankly everything over the last couple of years. Cory Miller shared an update on his “crash and burn”. Many of us are not alone in this area and support Cory along with his team over at PostStatus. The organizers of WordCamp Europe 2022, were called out recently for a lack of diversity on the Organizing Team. They are addressing that now citing the team cares deeply about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Click the link to read their updated communication. Angela Jin has started an open discussion on diversity as well over on Make sure to participate in this very important discussion and provide feedback. Eric ...



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How to find your WordPress customers

Spencer Forman from WPLaunchify has a creative way to find new WordPress customers that may just surprise you! Find an existing community of non technical people that have websites (like bookkeepers or copywriters) Then look at any of these three things... 1. Above the Fold: Do they have the three things any site needs when visitors first arrive? (hint: What's the Pain? | How do they Solve the Pain? | What's the Call To Action to get the Solution?) 2. Ways To Contact: Do they have the BIG 3 ways listed clearly in a way that is easy to find? (hint: Phone | Email | Social ). It's amazing how many companies don't list a phone number, when a virtual number is almost no cost today with Google Voice and similar. 3. Add To List: Do they have a way for visitors to the site to add their email to a list (hopefully one that is for marketing automation and not just collecting dust). It costs virtually nothing in time or money for them to implement this feature, just like a fishbowl in the old days for folks to drop their business card to win a prize. It's the only way for them to avoid losing potential leads. Once you've looked at any or all three of these, email them with FREE advice on how to fix their problems, and preferably setup a 15 minute call to speak with them on Zoom and learn more about what they do, how they do it, and whether they have someone who currently helps them with their WordPress website. Remember: There was a world of people doing business BEFORE social media and paid online advertisement. It ...