Interview: Brad Touesnard on selling Delicious Brains plugins to WP Engine

June 03, 2022 00:13:10
Interview: Brad Touesnard on selling Delicious Brains plugins to WP Engine
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Interview: Brad Touesnard on selling Delicious Brains plugins to WP Engine

Show Notes

If you haven't heard, Brad Touesnard has sold his suite of Delicious Brains plugins to WP Engine.

In this interview, I ask him the following question:

1. The million-dollar question: Why sell a suite of WordPress popular, profitable and beloved plugins -- of which was ACF which you only acquired merely a year ago?

2. The multi-million-dollar question: How much did WPE acquire the set of software for?

3. Who approached who first and how long did the deal take? 

4. What made this deal, aside from the buy-out #, feel so much different than other deals you've done in the past?

5. Is part of the DB team going to WPE? What does a restructure look like if any is happening?

6. SpinupWP becomes the main focus, until you sell _that_ to WPE in the future, does this sale help extend the runway or will you seek more traditional funding routes?

7. Dive into the business builders mind: What kind of clarity or relief (if any) does this give you?

8. Do you think you'll ever transition to a proper WP host with standard support protocols and hosting fees? (Don't  lie there's big money there) 

9. Any regrets so far? 

10. Any parting words of advice, promos -- the platform is yours. 

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