Is it time for Core to Perform?

July 20, 2022 00:05:44
Is it time for Core to Perform?
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Is it time for Core to Perform?

Show Notes

Where is the concentration on performance and other goodies in new releases of WordPress? Sarah Gooding over at the WPTavern covered how WordPress contributors have been discussing adding SVG support for more than nine years. The SVG module is currently one of the items that the Performance team contributors have identified for WordPress 6.2 as a goal for proposing the module for core. Anyone who wants to contribute can join their efforts on GitHub.

Eric Karkovack wrote about the issue recently on the WP Minute. It seems that the concentration of WordPress core updates has been directly related to the Gutenberg block editor. To some members of the community, those developments have come at the expense of letting other areas of the software slip. Eric’s article makes the point that Security and Data Organization could also use some attention and he is looking for balance across the core in future releases of WordPress.

If you are a Jetpack user, you will be happy to know that Jetpack AP Bot for Telegram will now let you automatically share blog posts from any Jetpack-powered WordPress site (including any site hosted at directly to a Telegram channel. This free tool saves time sharing content to Telegram, where readers can subscribe to read your posts just as easily as they would via email or social media.


Acquisitions stay front and center for 2022. sold for $160k. It previously sold in 2016 for $205k. Matt Medeiros interviewed Daan Tol 6 years ago and writes about how running a media company is difficult but well worth it on the WP Minute.


There was a call to speak at the largest WordPress event in Asia - WordCamp Asia. They are looking for speakers that can talk about relevant #WordPress topics. Check out the site to see the categories for inspiration and sign up for this huge event being held in Bangkok on Feb, 17-19, 2023.

Raquel Landefeld wrote about her recent experience at WordCamp EU and the power of attending WordCamps in person. Check out her article on the WP Minute and look for her at WordCamp US this September.

As a reminder: The Gutenberg Times will host a Live Q & A July 22, 2022 with the Pew Research Center. They used a mix of Core and Custom Blocks to streamline their publishing process, and create powerful charts and quizzes. You can register over on the Gutenberg Times website.


WooCommerce 6.7 was released along with WooCommerce Blocks 7.8.3. There is also a Release Cadence update. You can review the latest on the WooCommerce site.

From Our Contributors and Producers

Hubspot announced the launch of a free CMS drag and drop tool to empower business builders to create reliable websites. This is an interesting offer to check out for building a website while you are working on your brand and growing your business. I always thought that Hubspot would have purchased WPEngine. It's a running theory of mine over the years. Hey! It is never too late.

Daniel Schutzsmith shared the latest on how popular theme designs are now available on the Figma account. Users can now explore the designs for popular themes such as Stewart, Archeo, Pendant, and Wei. If you’d like to add your own theme design, you can get started using the Theme Template file.

Speaking of themes, there is a proposal from the Make WordPress design team for a new kind of default theme. The discussions have started concerning the release of a new default theme (or a curated set of styled variations) with 6.1 and there is a call for comments on style suggestions. Go check out to get involved.

Another new theme to investigate is Poe by Anders Norén. It is a clean and minimal block theme built with portfolios and blogs in mind and named after Edgar Allen Poe. 

Mike Oliver has opened his GeneratePress @podia community. There is a lot planned for the rest of this year. You can visit his landing page at Website Builders Collective to see all the exciting things planned for the new design. P.S. If you are a product owner with something launching, let us know at the

James Baldacchino wrote an article over at Ellipsis about the current climate surrounding WordPress. His overall analysis showed that WordPress Year to date had a 10.4% decrease but the climate remains good. 

EDD - Easy Digital Downloads 3.0 has arrived with many improvements. Jump over to their blog to see the latest.

New Members

This week we welcome two new members to the #linksquad crew: Patrick Gallagher and Mark Zahra.

You may have reached out to them already in the Slack group. If you’re not a member yet, go to to join.

Thanks to all of the members who shared these links today: 

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Leading off this week is Joost de Valk’s semi-annual CMS market share analysis. WordPress maintains a 43% share, the equivalent of AT&T’s wireless market share, within the CMS space. Shopify, WordPress’ closest competitor on the chart chimes in at 4.2% Shopify also shocked the industry by laying off 1,000 employees via email, penned by the companies CEO, Tobias Lütke. Juxtaposed to the the layoffs, a report from McKinsey & company, shows that 41% of workers surveyed quit their jobs due to lack of career development and advancement. Squarespace, which is holding on to the 4th spot at 2% market share, has launched their new website building experience: Fluid Engine. is going back in time…to their former pricing. Sarah Gooding from WP Tavern reports the .com team have ended their pricing experiment. The WordPress mobile app is shedding it’s Jetpack features, in an effort to simplify the experience: “The hope is that this change will simplify much of the UX and design of the WordPress apps for users who don’t want or need Jetpack services and tools. The WordPress apps will continue to be maintained and updated, ensuring that users can publish content from anywhere just as they can today. “ Meanwhile, the Jetpack team plans on improving the Jetpack app as they transition these features out of the core app. Have any predictions on how the Jetpack app will change over time? Tweet at us @thewpminute OR Join our members-only Slack group for $79/year. Help Josepha find a better name for Full Site Editing (FSE): Giving FSE a More User Friendly Name – Make WordPress Core. The terms “full site editing” and “full site editor” ...