Open for blockness

March 23, 2022 00:04:14
Open for blockness
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Open for blockness

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It was announced that the Pattern Directory will be open for submissions from the public on The Pattern Creator page will allow designers and content creators to build, edit, and submit their best block patterns. You can learn more about the pattern directory because the code is public and available on GitHub. Birgit Pauli-Haack tested the submission process and reported that it was a great experience for her in the Gutenberg Times.


If you are a Page Builder user you will be happy to know that the Page Builder Summit is back June 20-24. If you want to be the first to know when tickets are available you can register on the website.

WordCamp US has made the call for speakers up until April 17, 2022. You can submit your application for up to three topics over on their website.

From Our Contributors and Producers

The 2022 acquisitions keep happening as predicted. Yith, specializing in developing and selling themes for WordPress and WooCommerce, joined Newfold Digital. 

Matt Mullenweg treats us to two more appearances on podcasts.

First, with the Verge. He is interviewed on why he bets on small companies and reveals how WordPress and Tumblr are keeping the internet weird. Second, with Guy Raz on How I Built This, sharing a genesis story of his career & WordPress.

The US Court affirms it's false advertising to claim software is Open Source when it’s not. The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently affirmed a lower court decision concluding what we’ve always known: that it’s false advertising to claim that software is “open source” when it’s not licensed under an open-source license. Neo4j, Inc. had been through several releases of its software and several license choices along the way, ending with what the court called “the Sweden Software License,” because the licensor was a Swedish subsidiary of the plaintiff. You can check out the details on the open-source initiative.

Listen to Spencer Forman's latest take on why multilanguage is critical for your WordPress business on our episode here on the WP Minute.

Next up Joe Casabona and the Creator Clock Minute

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March 09, 2022 00:05:13
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A block museum?!

It was recently reported that you can purchase six popular Automattic plugins right from your dashboard. Donna Cavalier shares what’s coming for plugins, themes and services that will be additionally available for purchase right through the dashboard to expand your options. You can sign up over on for early access if you would like to know what is coming. The Museum of Block Art MOBA is a cool pop up site of virtual [block] art. This site was recently created by community members in the WordPress world. With WordPress 5.8 and WordPress 5.9 coming out with nifty design tools, members decided to show what can be created. It is worth your time to check out the site for beautiful block ideas and see how to create your own new designs. WooCommerce WooCommerce 6.3 was released. The updates include changes to WooCommerce Blocks, WooCommerce Admin, and the Product attributes lookup table. You can check out release posts for 6.8.0 and 6.9.0 to see what’s new. This release should be backwards compatible with the previous version. Security Patchstack released their State Of WordPress Security In 2021 The Highlights: New WordPress security vulnerabilities were up 150% compared to the previous year.29% of WordPress plugins with critical vulnerabilities received no patch.99.42% of vulnerabilities originated from Plugins and Themes (compared to 96.22% in 2020) From Our Contributors and Producers Jonathan Bossenger has released a plugin in the WordPress repository that displays a customized banner and link on your site to show solidarity for Ukraine. You can check out an example of how he has used  #StandWithUkraine. Wordfence has been standing with Ukraine by blocking lots of malicious requests aimed at their sites. They deployed their commercial ...



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 It’s the WP Minute! This episode is brought to you by FooGallery, check out their latest WooCommerce integration to start selling images right through WooCommerce, head on over to Foo.Gallery for more information! You know how it goes, everything I mention here will be linked up in the newsletter and the blog post. Check out for the links. In The News Robert Anderson provides the latest update for WordPress 5.9 on Gutenberg 11.9 will be cut on November 3rd. The merge to Core for this release may be tricky and if you have time to help, they are looking for volunteers for this release. Sara Gooding over at WPTavern wrote a great article about how Jetpack is splitting out its commercial Backup feature into a standalone plugin that can be used without installing the core Jetpack plugin. The product was built with WooCommerce in mind so that you can restore a site to any past state while keeping orders and products in place. Just a reminder that this is a paid plugin and the backup feature is part of the long-term plan to make Jetpack more modular and less confusing.  Gutenberg still continues to be at the top of the discussion Carlo Daniele, over at Kinsta wrote a detailed development tutorial on Building Custom Gutenberg Blocks.  If you find yourself lost in the huge amount of information that the WordPress Block Editor Handbook provides then this is a great tutorial for you to review. It helps you set up a development environment for Gutenberg Blocks. Just note you may still struggle with JavaScript, Node.js, React, and Redux and as a developer, you should have a good understanding ...



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