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December 22, 2021 00:07:20
Reflections WP
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Reflections WP

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With no major acquisitions, events, or feature releases this week, we can all take an exhale of relief. Today’s theme is: Reflection. 

WP Minute Contributor Joe Casabona reflects on the State of the Word hosted by Matt Mullenweg. He shares strong opinions on how you might give back to WordPress by taking care of yourself, first. 

“When I was in college, I learned about Saint Ignatius and the idea of Cura personalis, or care of the entire person. I’d like to think of contributing more like this”

WP Minute Producer Michelle Frechette represented Post Status in an interview with Matt Mullenweg about acquisitions in the WordPress ecosystem. Matt says Automattic is participating in all parts of the ecosystem from investment to purchasing companies. 

Nexcess shares 22 WordPress predictions to look forward to in 2022. WP Minute Producer Daniel Schutzsmith was quoted on his take of the Full Site Editing Knowledge Gap. “As block-based themes and full site editing take over the WordPress landscape, they may create a knowledge gap among WordPress users,” 

David Bisset asks us to reflect on what we think the biggest news items for WordPress are this year. Send him your message to be included in the round-up.

Reflecting on all of the…awards? 

The WP Weekly Awards for 2021 concluded.

Elementor claimed the most voted page builder, Yoast won for best SEO plugin, and I…came in 4th place for the Matt Report podcast with the WP Minute ever so slightly behind, holding down the 15th spot. 

I can’t wait for next year!

And speaking of audio…

@Francisco on WP Slack has shared an update about Openverse and where the next iteration is leading us. He shares some mockups of what searching and discovering audio + images might look like on the platform. 

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State of the Word 2021 just concluded in NYC. Just over 2 hours of updates around the community, the software, and the vision of Matt Mullenweg. This episode is an entire recording of the livestream broadcast over YouTube including audience + listener questions. If you enjoy content like this, please consider giving back to WordPress or donating to this publication. Episode Transcript oh, but really, really, um, welcome to everyone. Thank you all for being here. This is very exciting. Um, I am excited to see all your faces. It's been many years since I've seen some of you, um, in case you have not noticed we are changing our hashtag this year. It is state of the word written out, but remember to do your capitalization for people using reading. Assistive technologies, readers, screen readers. I got it. Uh, there is going to be a Q and a portion after this. It will be here from our live audience, but also some folks at home. Um, uh, he's the at-home portion for us right now. So if you have any questions, get them ready. If you're here, there's a microphone here that you will be able to ask your questions at. Or if you are watching at home, you can head on over to the YouTube embed of this, uh, live stream. And we are monitoring the chat there for questions as well. Um, that is all that I have to say. Um, and I think that's probably all that you want to hear from me anyway. And so tonight giving our annual state of the word where we talk about everything we've done this year and everything ...



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