Shaken, not stirred

June 29, 2022 00:05:11
Shaken, not stirred
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Shaken, not stirred

Show Notes

You’d have to be living under a rock to miss the recent WP drama unfold on Twitter. 

In some quickly deleted fever-induced tweets, Mullenweg likened GoDaddy to a “parasitic company” that is an “existential threat” to WordPress. Explore more of the debate in the following articles:

Matt Medeiros’ take on What would GoDaddy’s WordPress look like? 

WP Tavern recaps the Mullenweg twitter thread.

MasterWP’s Rob Howard weighs in.

Finally, GoDaddy responds to (almost) the whole shebang in a Sarah Gooding interview.

Moving and shaking at Post Status

Long-time Post Status news anchor David Bisset announces his departure from the position. David will be taking on the role of Product Development for WP Charitable at Awesome Motive, after the company announced the acquisition of the plugin.

Michelle Frechette highlighted some of the assholes in the WordPress space. She recalls her first-person experiences in the community in  Misogyny in WordPress is Real.

From our contributors and producers

Rae Morey explores the Australian WordPress vibe after WP Minute Producer Cameron Jones sparked the debate on Twitter.

WP Lift, long-time WordPress blog, is for sale over on Flippa.

How do you like your Classic Press? Shaken, stirred, on the rocks?

“Recent turbulence in the ClassicPress community has resulted in the directors resigning and new leadership installed. The WordPress fork is run under a non-profit organization called the ClassicPress Initiative. “

Sarah Gooding summarized the events at the Tavern. 


WordCamp US tickets will go on sale tomorrow, June 30th 2022. Visit the WordCamp US website for more information.

The Grab bag!

Twitter announced a longform writing feature. 

The Lexman artificial podcast creates a completely original interview podcast…with itself…in different voices.

I enjoyed the outline of how Basecamp built the new “Bubble up” feature in HEY email.

Our very own Raquel Landefeld was on the Women in WP podcast number 86. We’d never 86 the Raquel! 

Eric Karkovack highlights 10 Lesser-known WordPress plugins

Matt Report talks life after selling a plugin business with Corey Maass

Next up! 

Get the Pulse on WordPress with Raquel Landefeld

New Members

Welcome back Seth Goldstein for re-upping his WP Minute Producer membership. 

Thanks to all of the members who shared these links today: 

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