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June 22, 2022 00:05:16
We're Slackers!
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We're Slackers!

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We have switched over to Slack from Discord.


There has been a lot of feedback for full site editing in the latest release of WordPress. The team over on make.wordpress.org is looking for people to sign up for usability testing by June 24th. This outreach program is going to try something new and pair up members of the program with community designers. Once paired, they will then find time between June 20th and July 1st to record a 15-minute call on Zoom going through one of two tasks: Creating & applying a new header, and using and customizing patterns.

WordPress.org is now strongly recommending that theme authors switch to local hosted webfonts. Sarah Gooding writes over on WPTavern that a recent German court case fined a website using Google-hosted webfonts. In order to comply with GDPR - Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation - WordPress themes should switch to locally hosted webfonts.

Are you still recovering from WCEU? There are two reviews from media supporters that you may want to check out. Bob Dunn and Matt Medeiros recorded their experiences.

And there are nearly 3000 event photos. If you would like to see those you can view the photo album from WCEU on Flickr.

Andrew Palmer reviews his WCEU experience right here on the WP Minute.

Nathan Wrigley interviews Matt Mullenweg on the Jukebox podcast hosted at the WPTavern. Mullenweg shares his reflections on WordPress and the changes to come in the future.


WooCommerce 6.6 was released and you can find the complete changelog over on the WooCommerce site for the recent changes.

From Our Contributors and Producers

Eric Karkovack writes about the CMS landscape (including WordPress) on the latest at the WP Minute. Eric makes a good argument about why a freelancer would not choose WordPress for building a website.

What’s with the WordPress vibe? Changes and Acquisitions seem to be published weekly now. Acquisitions in #WordPress have created some concern among smaller businesses and entrepreneurs as we compete with bigger companies with much larger budgets. Mark Zahra has a little survey on Twitter asking if you had to double down on one area in the next 6 months with the goal of generating growth, what would it be?

There were several layoffs reported lately from Elementor and Envato.

James Giroux tweeted about the status of @envato and @elemntor announcing significant redundancies in the last week. You can help those affected by:

1. Celebrating wins publicly and calling out individuals by name

2. Adding to their LinkedIn profiles

3. Introducing them to your network

Next Up:

Simplified Business Minute by Sam Muñoz

The Case for Not Automating Client Interactions

New Members

We would like to welcome Mark Westguard to the WP Minute community and thank Sarah Gooding and Carrie Dils for buying a digital coffee to the WP Minute.

Thanks to all of the members who shared these links today: 

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